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1 imageCalculating Pi
Calculate Pi by using Monte Carlo method. This is interactive simulation with one square, one quadrant and a lot of random dots.
by Dobosoft

2 imageMathematics Keyboard
Write, edit, copy your mathematical symbols easily!
by Murat iNAN

3 imageMobile Number Generator
Mobile Number Generator  generates mobile numbers of 10 DIGITS like a format (ie. 991-991-4756, 9891001187). It is capable to generate MOBILE numbers in SEQUENCE and in RANDOM sequence with in the given RANGE. It Generates Mobile NUMBERS of 10 DIGITS. It is very efficient tool for GENERATE mobile numbers. It can generate mobile numbers in UNIQUE Random sequence. Generated mobile numbers can be saved in .CSV/.TXT file format.
by Technocom

4 imageMatches
This software illustrates and simulates one of the old encyclopedical examples of probability phenomena.
by Dobosoft

5 imageCoins
This software illustrates one example of probability phenomena.
by Dobosoft

Home > Home, Education > Mathematics > 5 software. 1 pages.

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