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1 imageEmail Generator Platinum
What do you think are email addresses like: peter@hotmail.com or h.miller@msn.com? The chances are good. The EmailGenerator doesn\'t only offer you the possibility to generate any possible email address, this program can also check these if they are valid or not. With this software, you generate thousands of email addresses within a few minutes. For creating the email addresses, a list containing the most common names, a list of the most common first names and a list of is available key words is
by Email Business Software

2 Rapid Email Marketer Savior
Rapid Email Marketer a web based mailer for business email marketing. It is a web based application and you don't have to sit in front of your computer while sending a profitable email campaign or you don't have to think about SMTP server as it is already built in and ready to go.
by Valid Email Collector

3 imageEmail Spider URLs
(Extracts email addresses from website's URL) Email Spider URLs collects 1000's of email addresses from various websites from INTERNET. It collects email addresses from a list of website's URLs only the email addresses those you need not all available emails. It is a very fast Email Spider URLs for URLs.
by LantechSoft

4 imageAdvance Web Email Extractor
Advance Web Emails Extractor is the best tool for collect email addresses from internet through your keywords/query. It supports many popular search engines such as (Bing, Google, Askcom, Aspseek, Yahoo, Lycos, AltaVista, Search.Com, GuruJi, GigaBlast etc.). It also extracts email addresses from particular website's URLs. Advance Web Emails Extractor gives a list of Email Addresses those you need not all available emails, so it allows to setting up search criteria.
by LantechSoft

5 imageAtomic Mail Verifier
A program to verify e-mail addresses in mailing lists
by AtomPark Software

6 imageEasy Mail Sender
Connect your mail server and send mailes!
by Murat iNAN

7 imageEmail Address Spider 2014
Email Address Spider is designed to extract e-mail addresses from web-pages on the Internet.
by Ou Fuliang

8 imageExtract Any Mail
Extract Any Mail is a small yet powerful software that can extract potential email ID from multiple email inbox. Using POP3 access this software grabs all the emails in your inbox and then it will list them for you. You can remove duplicates, save the list in multiple formats. It supports POP3 with SSL and works with different port number. You can also use a proxy if you need. You can also extract all your contacts from outlook.
by Valid Email Collector

9 imageThunderbird Email Address Extractor
Thunderbird Email Address Extractor v1.0.8 is a best thunderbird email extractor software to extract email contacts from Thunderbird. Thunderbird Email Data Extractor is the fast email extractor for thunderbird, It can extract all valid email address from all configured email accounts in Thunderbird. Thunderbird Email Address Extractor v1.0.8 allow users to select any email folders such as INBOX, SENTITEMS, DELETED ITEMS, CONTACTS, DRAFTS, SPAM and all user defined folder.
by KG Softwares

10 imageBounce Detector
Bounce Detector is a small program that helps you find bounce/invalid email ID. Bounce detector can detect that mail and store the bounce ID in its own database using some customized rules.
by Valid Email Collector

Home > Internet > Email > 126 software. 13 pages.

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