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1 imageBusinessSkinForm VCL
BusinessSkinForm VCL library help you to create applications with skins support for forms, menus, hints, many standard and DB controls. This library includes Office2010 skins, Ribbon UI control and Ribbon UI Application Menu. You can create your skins with special editor. Develop your business applications with BusinessSkinForm VCL!
by Almediadev

2 imageVirto URL Shortener for SP2010
Virto URL Shortener Web Part for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 automatically cuts large URLs by a single click to short links that can be used instantly by SharePoint users as for sending by-mail, twitting, and even spelling by phone.
by UAB Virtosoftware

3 imageMigration of Mini Calendar from SP2007 to SP2010
Migration of Virto Mini Calendar SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 server.
by UAB Virtosoftware

4 imageDev. Virto Administration Suite for SP2010
Virto SharePoint Administration Suite is a bundle of 8 Virto components which will help SharePoint users to do the site administration job easier. Each component offers its special administrative tools, such as manage AD users, adjust password system, redirect users from restricted site pages, adjust alerts and reminders. Use all of the eight web parts in a single bundle on very beneficial terms.
by UAB Virtosoftware

5 imageVirto JQuery Tab Navigation for SP2013
Virto Tab Navigation is JQuery-based Web Part allows to combine all other web parts in a group and show them on the specific tab rather than on one page with scrolling.
by UAB Virtosoftware

6 imageDev. Virto Content Management Suite for SP2013
Virto Content Management Suite for Microsoft SharePoint includes 10 Virto components intended for data management on your SharePoint site. Manage list forms, create visual charts, play audio and video files, organize tabs and images and use many other options of this package provided at the best price.
by UAB Virtosoftware

7 imageMigration of Virto Image Slider from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010
Migration of Virto Image Slider web part from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 server.
by UAB Virtosoftware

8 imageMigration of JQuery Charts from SP2010 to SP2013
Migration of Virto jQuery Charts web part from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 server.
by UAB Virtosoftware

9 imageDev. Virto Event Viewer for SP2013
Virto Event Viewer provides a stylish, eye-catching, and powerful calendar solution for your viewers and audience.
by UAB Virtosoftware

10 imageDev. Virto Collaboration Suite for SP2010
Download and use Virto SharePoint Collaboration Suite to enjoy 9 ready-to-use components on your SharePoint site. With help of this group of web parts you will got enormous amount of features that will amke your working on SharePoint site much more effective and comfortable. As a result you will be able to use calendar view of all your tasks in a single place, Gantt chart of planned tasks and resources, kanban board and pivot view of tasks and other data and many other features.
by UAB Virtosoftware

Home > Software Development > Components, Libraries > 599 software. 60 pages.

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