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1 imageGradient Screensaver
This screensaver show animated gradient color, gradient images. Changes of color combinations renders mystical influence on your mood. Gradient images a little similar on plasma. Changing adjustments, it is possible to pick up intricatest "laws" of change and combinations of colors.
by All Sweets

2 imageDanceFractal Screensaver
The fractal screensaver show animated abstract images from fractals. Uncountable images of fractals amazing with refinement of lines, grace of forms and harmony of paints. Smoothly varying animated fractals. Unusual pictures, pleasant colors.
by All Sweets

3 imageRandom Photo Slide Screen Saver
Random Photo Slide Screen Saver is a clever screen saver,it can show the photos in a variety of random transition effects, play background music in random order. At the same time,dynamic searching a number of photos directory in background. Our screensaver is more powerful than the integrated screensaver of Windows XP/Vista!
by MostGear Soft,ltd

4 imageMeditation Screensaver
The abstract screensaver show fantastic birds, the fantastic flowers bewitching magic pictures. Abstract elements going in mystical pictures. Meditate to the soothing colorful abstract images. The Meditation screensaver displays fantastic birds, the fantastic flowers bewitching magic pictures.
by All Sweets

5 imageAbstract Aquarium Screensaver
Plunge into the surrealistic underwater 3d world, consider abstract 3d aquarium. Enjoy mystical beauty of the underwater world. Distract from a reality, plunge into the abstract underwater world, consider mystical aquarium. You will see the strange creations surprisingly similar on real.
by All Sweets

6 imageScreensaver Factory 7 Standard
Screensaver Factory is the world's number one screensaver development software, enabling users to create stunning professional screensavers within minutes.
by Blumentals Solutions SIA

7 imageWinter Clock Screensaver
Countdown clock screensaver inform you what is the time remains up to winter holidays. Diamond snowflakes sparkling are turned in celebratory dance and play light of the polar lights. Time of Christmas, what is the time comes nearer remains up to Christmas? Holiday clock, sparkling on a background of the polar lights.
by All Sweets

8 imageFractal-Mandala Screensaver
The screensaver shows mandala from fractal images with animation. Images of a mandala generated fractal algorithms promotes achievement of a status of contemplation and concentration. Using Fractal-Mandala screensaver you can to create set various mandala wallpaper for your desktop.
by All Sweets

9 image3D Snow Screensaver
The christmas screensaver shows 3d snowflakes, snow falling. Celebratory dance 3d snowflakes on your desktop. Everyone the snowflake is individual, forms of snowflakes in accuracy never repeat. Snowflakes can slowly to fall, or, to begin to whirl a snowstorm on your desktop.
by All Sweets

10 image3D Flowers Screensaver
3D screensaver shows a flowers pictures - roses, lilies and tulips with 3d animation. If you love flowers, then Ikebana 3D Screensaver has a unique combination of magical flowers with 3D animation. These extremely delightful and spell bound flowers float on the screen and gradually one flower changes into another providing a 3D effect.
by All Sweets

Home > Desktop Enhancements > Screensavers > 18 software. 2 pages.

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